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Archive Division of Panatron, Inc.: Document Management Solutions - Document Scanning

We take your documents in boxes or file cabinets and return them back to you in a virtual file cabinet. You choose how you want it organized. All files are returned on USB sticks.

Paper documents require a significant amount of storage space compared to digital records. In the US, most states require physical records to be kept from three to seven years depending on the industry. Digital records are easily accessed and can be printed, e-mailed, and shared appropriately with authorized viewers. Furthermore, the ''after entry'' benefits of being able to easily add or modify existing files for ongoing customer relationships and general office activity can be done quickly and efficiently as opposed to physically locate and search for that one document among many. We pick up and deliver within 50 mile radius. Original documents are returned or destroyed and if destroyed, we’ll give you a certification of destruction.

Panatron also does repair and calibration of electronics, RF/Microwave and test equipment that manufacturers no longer support. In-house technical repair facility provides our customers with the best repair, refurbishment and upgrade opportunities available. Staffed by technically expert and product knowledgeable engineers and technicians, we perform services ranging from simple troubleshooting and component replacement to complete overhauls and refurbishments of all types of equipment. Our process includes testing your equipment using original factory test procedures.

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  • Document Image and Scanning
  • Document Digitization
  • Document Conversion and Management
  • Repair and calibration of RF/Microwave components
  • Repair and calibration of electronic products and systems and test equipments


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